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Dr. Owen Feehan is a computer engineer, originally from Galway, Ireland, but living in Switzerland.

He's a passionate software leader with long-standing specialities in machine learning, computer vision - and software engineering generally.

He is the author of the open-source software: Anchor Image Analysis and path-pattern-finder.

Owen is also known by the Irish-language version of his name, Eoin O Fiachain.

2023- :Head of Software at Fotokite.
2022-2023:Head of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Computational Pathology at kaiko.
2020-2021:Technical Lead, Data Science and Machine Learning at Besi.
2019-2020:Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Cisco.
2017-2019:Senior Scientist (Image Analysis) at Roche.
2015-2017:Senior Data Scientist at the University of Zurich and Senior IT Architect at Mirai.
2010-2014:Ph.D. at ETH Zurich in Prof. Wilhelm Krek's group.
2007-2010:Research Scientist at Definiens in Prof. Gerd Binnig's group.
1999-2006:Software Development roles at SAS, ESP, the ESB, and Aró.
Teaching and M.Sc. research in NUI, Galway.

A detailed curriculum vitae is available on request. You can find him on LinkedIn and XING.